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Online Video Class Schedule & Instructions

Online Video Class Schedule & Instructions

12:00pm – Preschool Circle Time (Facebook)
1:45pm – Preschool Creative Movement (ZOOM)
3:45pm – Flyer & Flexibility (Facebook)
4:45pm – Gymnastics Stretching & Conditioning (Facebook)
5:45pm – Tumbling Stretching & Conditioning (Facebook)

3:45pm – Tumbling Stretching & Conditioning (ZOOM)
4:45pm – Parkour Stretching & Conditioning (ZOOM)
5:45pm – Gymnastics Stretching & Conditioning (ZOOM)
6:45pm – Middle School/High School Cheer Tryout Prep (Facebook)

12:00pm – Preschool Circle Time (ZOOM)
2:45pm – Preschool Stretching & Conditioning (Facebook)
3:45pm – Cheer Jump Stretching & Conditioning (Instagram)
4:45pm – Parkour Stretching & Conditioning (Facebook)

How To Access Online Classes:

-ZOOM: All actively enrolled students will receive an email 30 minutes prior to class with the necessary link and meeting code that will be used to enter the class.

-Facebook: All Facebook videos and live-stream classes can be found on the Champions Westlake page (

-Instagram: All Instagram live videos can be found on the Champions Westlake Instagram page(

-YouTube: All instructional YouTube videos, including previous recordings of Facebook live videos can be found on the ChampionsAthletes Youtube Page (

April 14, 2020

April 14, 2020

Hi Champions Families,

I hope you are all doing well and finding the “silver linings” in our present-day circumstances. Every day brings new information and new insights as we settle into our new normal and I applaud all of you who are taking the “stay at home” orders seriously to help flatten the curve.

I continue to be grateful and so incredibly touched by the outpouring of love and support from our community. Whether you are staying enrolled in some capacity, offering advice about funding options, or reaching out with ideas and suggestions on our online offerings, it reminds me that so many families value what Champions brings to our community and we appreciate all you are doing to help us get through this time.

This past week I finished my applications for the various CARES Act programs and am patiently waiting on approvals. These types of funding will really make a difference in our ability to bridge the gap while we are closed, and although the timeline for reopening our doors is still unknown, we are looking ahead and working behind the scenes to plan and prepare for it. Rotations and schedules for summer and fall are in the works, camp supplies are being ordered, we are staying connected to our athletes through online offerings, and team directors are strategizing about how to ramp back up and get ready for next season. I think what we all miss the most is the camaraderie we feel in the gym…the hugs, the high fives, the celebrations and the smiling faces.

One thing I know is that all of us – kids, coaches and parents alike – can’t wait to be back in our “happy place” at the gym! How awesome will it be to see it filled again with healthy, joyful athletes cartwheeling, flipping and twisting just as soon as it is safe to do so! That is a huge motivating force and it keeps us on a steady path to get those doors open again!

Please continue doing your part so we can get through this sooner than later! We can hardly wait to see you all back in the gym.

Big Love to ALL our Champions Families,

Gretchen Huddleston
Owner & President
Champions Westlake & 1826

March 24, 2020

March 24, 2020

Dear Champions Families,

I hope you are all healthy and are enjoying the luxury of spending more time with family. Many of you have asked what you can do to help us get through the required temporary pause of operations and I wanted to update you on how we plan to move forward.

While I am faced with unknowns every single day, the one thing I do know is that Champions will weather this storm, and we will be here for you as a fabric of this community when blue skies return. I have trimmed every non-essential expense for now and am committed
to recovery and rebuilding, but like other businesses, I cannot support it through this time without help from those who need us to be here when we are able to open our doors again. As active families, you are our Champions “angels” and the ones who will carry us into the future. We are committed to making sure you receive value for your investment by providing the following:

-Access to all ZOOM Online Classes for all Champions programs (Exclusively available to actively enrolled students, ZOOM meeting codes will be emailed out prior to meetings)

-2 Makeup Tokens per each billing cycle affected by the pause to be used in any open class of their choice once Champions resumes

-Access to all Facebook Live-Stream videos (

-Access to all instructional YouTube videos (

When Champions opened in 1996 as a “mom business” on the side, I had no idea the impact it would have on tens of thousands of families in the Austin community. We look forward to celebrating 25 years this fall and continuing to provide quality programming to future
generations for many years to come.

I am profoundly grateful for each one of you as a part of our Champions family. Thank you for entrusting us with your children and for your continued support. We wish you and your loved ones health, kindness, patience, and perseverance as we get through this

With much appreciation,

Gretchen Huddleston
Owner and President
Champions Westlake & 1826

March 18, 2020

March 18, 2020

Dear Champions Families,

In light of the current events, we want to let you know about the steps we are taking to ensure that you will receive the services you have paid for. Our Parent Portal system allows us to issue Makeup Tokens for classes that will be missed as a result of this necessary closure. These will automatically be added to your account. (Please see below* for details). In addition to the Makeup Tokens, starting next week we will be posting and/or live streaming video content that will allow Champions to stay connected with the athletes, keeping them active and engaged. Be on the lookout for details about those offerings next week.

Additionally, please know that we are committed to paying your Champions coaches and teachers what we can for as long as we can because we value them as the heart and soul of our Champions family. In light of this, we are asking that you stay enrolled with the understanding that you will be able to make up all cancelled classes. We look forward to the time when we can welcome each and every Champion back into the gym after things return to normal.

We understand the challenges this pause may create for you and your family, and we appreciate your continued support during this difficult time. What I DO know is that this too shall pass, and as part of the Champions family, we will always be here for you, as you have been for us.

As we continue to monitor the situation, necessary updates will be posted to the website here.

With Gratitude,
Gretchen Huddleston
Owner & President
Champions Westlake & 1826

March 17, 2020

March 17, 2020

Dear Champions Families,

Due to the recent global concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak, Champions Westlake and 1826 will be closed for all classes and activities until April 6. The priority right now is making sure we are all working together to ensure the safety of our athletes and their families and to address this public health issue in a way that prioritizes the whole communities’ safety, health and well-being.

As heartbreaking and difficult as this is, I believe it is the responsible choice to take preventative action at this time and limit any potential spread of the virus. We have amended our makeup policy to provide opportunities for all cancelled recreational classes to be made up once the gym is reopened. Team members will receive individualized updates on cancelled practices and make up opportunities once more information becomes available.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we work through this unprecedented event.

In the meantime, we will be promoting regular Facebook Live events to help our athlete’s stay active and in shape, so be on the lookout for opportunities to join the fun. We will continue to monitor the developments of this outbreak over the next several weeks and plan to follow all recommended CDC and Department of Health guidelines and recommendations before reopening. As more information becomes available, I will continue to provide updates about the future of all classes and activities.


Gretchen Huddleston
Owner & President
Champions Westlake & 1826

March 12, 2020

March 12, 2020

Good Afternoon Champions Families,

As the coronavirus continues to spread both globally and locally, we want you to know that we are taking this seriously and looking at all aspects to ensure we take measures to protect you and our customers. While we do not want to overreact, we also do not want to ignore what is happening. Currently, no cases or suspected cases have been reported in Austin or surrounding areas. However, as you know cases have been reported in Texas.

One way to stay informed at the state level is by visiting the State Health Department website.

Champions is actively monitoring the outbreak. While the CDC has categorized the health risk of COVID-19 to the general American public as low, the health and well-being of your families are a priority. In an effort to increase our health awareness and decrease the spread of germs, we’ve implemented the following protocols to try and keep athletes and staff safe in our gym while they continue their training.

Specific focus is being given to disinfecting door handles, light switches, handrails and other “touch points” around the gym throughout the day. Coaches are wiping down mats and contact surfaces throughout the day. We are providing hand-sanitizer to all students before and after class. Champions has extended the makeup policy for this season to extend through the summer and into next fall if necessary. That way you can keep kiddos home when they are sick, without the worry of them losing their training. Use of the foam pit will be suspended until we get through this difficult season due to the challenges and scale of effort required to consistently disinfect the blocks. Teams athletes may continue training in the foam pits by using a landing mat surface on top of the foam blocks as these can be easily disinfected.

Our staff has been instructed to disinfect their hands between classes and stay home should they develop fever and/or symptoms that mirror those of COVID-19.

Things you can do to help:

-Stay at home if you are sick
-If you are comfortable having your children come into the gym by themselves, please walk them to the front door or drop them off at the side door to reduce the number of people in the building.
-Have your child change into a set of clean clothing before coming to class.
-Cover your coughs and sneezes with a sleeve or a tissue, and throw used tissues in the trash
-Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds
-Between hand washes, regularly use alcohol-based (60-95 percent) hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available
-Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
-Avoid contact with people who are sick
-Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces

We expect this situation to evolve over the coming weeks and are prepared to modify our practices and procedures accordingly. We recognize that flexibility may be necessary, especially if conditions warrant a change in gym operations. Any decisions to alter practices will be based on direction provided by the CDC and state/county health officials.
In the meantime, be sure that you take time to get plenty of rest, provide your body with healthy nutrition and an abundance of fluids. Again, I want to emphasize that the health and well-being of our Champions community is of utmost importance as we continue operations. We will keep you updated with any further developments.

Best wishes for a safe Spring Break,
Gretchen Huddleston
Owner & President, Champions Westlake & 1826